The METIS Data Exchange Ecosystem Seeks Your Input

NIST and CHIPS request comments on the draft of Special Publication 1000-2 ipd, Building a Metrology Exchange to Innovate in Semiconductors (METIS). This publication presents the vision for ensuring that the direct results of federally funded scientific research under the CHIPS Metrology Program are made available to and useful for the public, industry, and the scientific community. The dissemination and exchange of data, models, and other data products convey the outcomes of world-leading microelectronics research to the marketplace, enabling and supporting America’s security and commercial competitiveness.

NIST CHIPS Special Publication 1000-2, Building a Metrology Exchange to Innovate in Semiconductors (METIS), outlines the vision for a data exchange ecosystem that provides stakeholders with access to CHIPS Metrology research results. This vision describes the functionality of METIS and how it may be used.

Get the draft METIS publication and the comment template from the METIS project page. We request that all comments be submitted by 11:59 pm Eastern Time on January 31, 2024. Please submit your comments to research [at] (research[at]chips[dot]gov).


The CHIPS Metrology Program, part of the CHIPS Research and Development Office at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), is a collaborative program bringing together NIST staff with stakeholders from industry, other government agencies, and academic institutions to address measurement challenges related to microelectronics manufacturing. Through this collaboration, the CHIPS Metrology Program expands upon NIST’s strong track record of supporting the microelectronics technology and manufacturing ecosystem by developing, advancing, and deploying measurements, standards, reference materials, and best practices.

There is an immediate need to make NIST research funded through the CHIPS Metrology Program available in a manner that guards intellectual property, protects U.S. security interests, is aligned with the approach used by NIST for access to research results, and is self-sustaining to meet future needs. A data exchange ecosystem will meet that need, giving stakeholders access to CHIPS Metrology research results and catalyzing breakthroughs in U.S. semiconductor manufacturing. We call this data exchange concept “METIS”—Metrology Exchange to Innovate in Semiconductors—after Metis, the Greek goddess of innovative ideas, good counsel, skill, and craft. The METIS concept leverages and builds upon current data management systems and processes within NIST, an organization uniquely qualified to both produce and manage leading metrology research and technical data products. By designing the data ecosystem around and for research that meets the needs of the public, industry, and the scientific community, METIS shepherds the research process from the start and provides security and controls to enable the final products to reach their intended recipients.

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