NIST Welcomes Five New Members to the Industrial Advisory Committee

Today, NIST is announcing the addition of five new members to the Industrial Advisory Committee (IAC) that provides guidance to the Secretary of Commerce on a range of issues related to domestic semiconductor research and development (R&D) in support of CHIPS for America. 

The following new members began their terms on the IAC on December 20, 2023: 

  • Gregg Bartlett is chief technology officer of Global Foundries. He is a member of the IAC Workforce Development and R&D Gaps working groups. 

  • Scott DeBoer is executive vice president of technology and products at Micron Technology. He is a member of the IAC Organizational and Public-Private Partnership working group.  

  • Mark Papermaster is chief technology officer and executive vice president of Advanced Micro Devices. He is a member of the IAC Organizational and Public-Private Partnership working group. 

  • Kristin Toth is executive director of advanced technology and electrical architecture at General Motors. She is a member of the IAC Workforce Development working group.   

  • Todd Younkin is chief executive officer and president of the Semiconductor Research Corporation. He is a member of the IAC R&D Gaps working group.  

Last year, the IAC began the process of seeking nominees to fill positions on the committee. Members of the committee serve three-year terms and may serve two consecutive terms. The first IAC members were appointed to one-, two-, and three-year terms so that one third of the membership is reconsidered each year. Past applicants to the IAC may be considered for future appointments to the IAC, and qualified individuals may be asked to participate in the committee’s working groups.  

NIST wishes to thank James Ang, Susie Armstrong, William Chappell, and Alexander Oscilowski for their outstanding contributions to the work of the IAC. They were among the first appointees in September 2022. Their terms ended in October 2023.  

About the Industrial Advisory Committee 

The Industrial Advisory Committee was established by Congress in the William M. (Mac) Thornberry National Defense Authorization Act of 2021 (FY 2021 NDAA). The committee provides advice on the science and technology needs of the nation’s domestic microelectronics industry, the national strategy on microelectronics research, the research and development programs and other advanced microelectronics activities funded through CHIPS for America, and opportunities for new public-private partnerships.  

The committee comprises leaders from a broad range of disciplines in the microelectronics field, including academia, the semiconductor industry, federal laboratories and other areas. 

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