NIST Updates Guide on Communications Standards to Federal Agencies

Credit: CTL

NIST released an updated version of its Interagency Report on Advanced Communication Technologies Standards which is a guide for Federal agencies on standards priorities and activities related to communications technologies. The report, NISTIR 8483, was developed by the Interagency Advanced Communications Technology Working Group, comprised of 19 Federal agencies, and chartered by the NIST-led Interagency Committee on Standards Policy, which advises federal agencies on standards policy matters.

The first report, published in September 2022, provided a high level overview of agency priorities and activities in advanced communication standards. This new report identifies nine priority areas that were selected for strategic standards coordination: Security and Privacy, End-to-End Services and Assurance, Emerging Network Technologies, the Internet of Things, Emerging and Future IP Networks, Spectrum Measurement and Management, Open Source and De Facto Standards, Communications for Data Access and Sharing, and Quantum Communications. The report also identifies current standards work in these areas, trends, standards organizations, and future goals and priorities. In addition, the report shows the alignment between its priority areas and those of the U.S. Government National Standards Strategy for Critical and Emerging Technology.

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