NIST Staff Organize, Chair, and Present in Session on Industrial Wireless at IEEE Conference

NIST’s Industrial Wireless Systems project leader Rick Candell, and associate Kang Lee, attended the 19th IEEE International Conference on Factory Communications Systems (WFCS), April 26-28, 2023, in Pavia, Italy. The team organized and conducted a special technical session at the conference focusing on “Technologies, Platforms, and Standardization for Industrial Wireless Systems Performance Evaluation.” This special technical session was one of two special technical sessions held at the conference, and was organized by NIST’s Rick Candell; Kang Lee chaired the session and facilitated presentations and questions and answers.

This session involved presentation of several high quality papers including 1) a methodology for using software-based wireless time-sensitive networking for the control of robotic manipulators in a highly contentious shared Wi-Fi channel, 2) zero-delay roaming for mobile robotic platforms, 3) channel quality prediction using statistical methods, 4) resource allocation framework for wireless sensor networks, and 5) a 60 GHz mm-Wave propagation measurement approach for industrial environments validated in a steel factory.

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