NIST Leader Presents on Smart Connected Systems Research and Standards

Credit: CTL

On October 20, 2023, NIST’s David Wollman, Deputy Chief of the Smart Connected Systems Division, presented on smart connected systems and standards to federal agency participants at the NIST Standards Coordination Office (SCO) Standards Boot Camp. The talk covered the interconnected roles of research and standards in supporting technology advancement and adoption, including in Automated Vehicles, Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Wireless Systems, Operational Technologies (OT), Smart Connected Manufacturing Systems, and 5G/6G networking. Dr. Wollman also described the need to address “big-picture” standards considerations throughout the lifetime of a federal program, including considerations related to overall systems architecture, value proposition, standards leadership roles, and coordination between national and international standards development organizations. Wollman also advocated identifying or establishing an appropriate industry organization (e.g., non-profit, industry association, or alliance) to promote industry adoption, develop testing and certification programs, and create a user community to maintain and improve standards over the long term. Dr. Wollman’s presentation followed a talk by Dr. Jon Pratt of NIST’s Quantum Measurement Division on the history and role of the International Systems of Units (SI) and NIST’s role as a leading National Metrology (or Measurement) Institute (NMI).

The primary goal of SCO’s Standards Boot Camp is to provide an interactive forum in a small group setting for federal agency personnel to deepen and expand their knowledge of documentary standards and standards development and to better understand the relationships between standards and conformity assessment, regulation, trade, measurement, manufacturing, innovation, and more. Participants are immersed in an interactive hands-on learning experience that includes discussions, presentations, case studies, tours, and mock standards development exercises that help them prepare to be standards-savvy leaders at their agencies. This year there are participants from CPSC, DHS, EPA, FDA, FEMA, GSA, ITA, NIST, NRC, and OSHA.

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