MEP Economic Impacts Boost Business and Jobs

According to the MEP National NetworkTM Client Impact Survey, small and medium-sized manufacturers are saving money, increasing sales, and creating jobs as a result of working with their local Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) Centers. MEP Centers are located in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. The MEP National Network equips U.S. manufacturers with the tools and resources they need to be competitive in today’s rapidly changing marketplace. By working with experts at MEP Centers, U.S. manufacturers have easy access to comprehensive, proven solutions. 

MEP National Network fiscal year 2023 impacts

In fiscal year (FY) 2023, the MEP National Network interacted with more than 36,000 manufacturers. According to a third-party survey1 conducted with MEP Center clients, in FY 2023 the MEP National Network helped these manufacturers [PDF] achieve:

  • $2.9 billion in cost savings
  • $16.2 billion in new and retained sales
  • $4.8 billion in new client investments
  • Over 107,100 jobs created or retained

For every dollar of federal investment in FY 2023, the MEP National Network generated $24.60 in new sales growth and $27.50 in new client investment. This translates into more than $4.3 billion in new sales. For every $1,633 of federal investment, MEP creates or retains one manufacturing job. 

MEP Centers rate highly for customer service

Surveyed MEP clients reported exceptionally high customer experiences. They indicated a strong likelihood of recommending the MEP Center they worked with to another company or colleague. The MEP National Network achieved a Net Promoter Score® of 85.4, well above industry benchmarks.2

Top factors for working with the MEP National Network

According to the survey, the top factors for manufacturing clients choosing to work with the MEP National Network included:

  • Expertise of staff (61%)
  • Cost of service (35%)
  • Knowledge (30%)

About the MEP National Network

Focused on helping small and medium-sized manufacturers generate business results and thrive in today’s technology-driven economy, the MEP National Network comprises the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership (NIST MEP), the 51 MEP Centers located in all 50 states and Puerto Rico, the MEP Advisory Board, MEP Center boards, and the Foundation for Manufacturing Excellence, as well as over 1,440 trusted advisors and experts at approximately 460 MEP service locations, providing any U.S. manufacturer with access to resources they need to succeed. Each MEP Center is a partnership between the federal government and a variety of public or private entities, including state, university and nonprofit organizations. Since 1988, MEP has worked with 154,031 manufacturers, leading to $148.7 billion in new sales and $31.6 billion in cost savings, and it has helped create and retain over 1.6 million jobs.

1 These findings are from a third-party survey conducted by Fors Marsh with MEP Center clients in FY 2023. During the FY 2023 survey period, 8,887 clients completed the survey out of 13,109 contacted.

2 Net Promoter Score® is a registered trademark of Bain & Company, Inc., Fred Reichheld and Satmetrix Systems, Inc.

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