Inside CHIPS Metrology: Research that Accelerates Innovation

Join us for a webinar hosted by the CHIPS Metrology Program. Marla Dowell, director of the CHIPS Metrology Program, will discuss how CHIPS for America advances metrology research essential for next-generation microelectronics. In support of this goal, the program develops accurate measurements for microelectronic materials and systems, addressing industry challenges and improving standards and practices in semiconductor manufacturing.  In addition, we will showcase select research teams and their groundbreaking work.  

Featured NIST researchers and their CHIPS Metrology projects are:  

  • Ann Chiaramonti Debay – “Atom Probe Tomography: Nanostructured Semiconductor Materials, Interfaces, and Devices” 

  • Aaron Forster – “Accurate Cure Kinetics, Stress and Warpage Measurements for Next-Generation Microelectronics Packaging with High Thermo-Mechanical Reliability” 

  • Joshua Martin –  “Thermoreflectance Thermal Property Measurements for Heterogeneously Integrated Materials and Power Electronics” 

  • Jeff Shainline – “Time-resolved Emission Microscopy for Circuit Evaluation and Failure Analysis”  

Don’t miss this chance to engage with these experts in interactive discussions, pose your questions, and explore the forefront of metrology advancements shaping the future of microelectronics.  

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