Digital Identity Guidelines – Kicking Off Revision 4!

The Draft Fourth Revision to NIST Special Publication 800-63, Digital Identity Guidelines (Draft NIST SP 800-63-4) is available for review, and your feedback is requested!   

This revision of the Digital Identity Guidelines intends to respond to the changing digital landscape that has emerged since the last major update of this suite was published in 2017. The guidelines present a process for organizations to manage digital identity-related risks, and they provide detailed technical requirements for security and privacy, as well as considerations for fostering equity and the usability of digital identity solutions and technology.  

Please join us as we kick off the review of this draft update with an author-led discussion of the changes NIST is proposing, the drivers behind these changes, and the critical areas where more input is needed. 

During this webinar, we will: 

  • Describe the design principles and rationale behind the proposed changes included in this revision  
  • Provide an overview of proposed changes between Revision 3 and Draft Revision 4 in each volume of the Guidelines  
  • Enumerate the areas wherein NIST seeks specific input 
  • Share information about how to provide feedback 


  • Kevin Stine — Chief of the Applied Cybersecurity Division  
  • David Temoshok – NIST SP 800-63 Program Lead, Applied Cybersecurity Division 
  • Connie LaSalle – Senior Technology Policy Advisor, Information Technology Lab 
  • Andrew Regenscheid – PIV Technical Lead, Computer Security Division  
  • Ryan Galluzzo – Digital Identity Program Lead, Applied Cybersecurity Division  

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