Cultivating Cybersecurity Leaders: The New Cybersecurity Career Ambassador Program


Jasmine Jackson

Credit: Jasmine Jackson

Jasmine M. Jackson
Application Security Engineer
Founder and Executive Director

The Accelerated Training Program (T-ATP)

Alma Maria Rinasz

Credit: Alma Maria Rinasz

Alma Maria Rinasz

Latinas in Cyber

Karl Cureton

Credit: Karl Cureton

Karl Cureton
Chairman and CEO
Council Exchange Board of Trade
Minority Tech Industry Advocate


Many do not understand the multiple careers or learning pathways to enter the cybersecurity workforce. The Cybersecurity Career Ambassador Program’s purpose is to promote cybersecurity career awareness, exploration, and development by creating a network of volunteers to serve as champions for expanding and diversifying the nation’s cybersecurity workforce. This project, led by the NICE Promote Career Discovery Working Group, aligns with the NICE Strategic Plan’s Implementation Plan Goal 1 to Promote the Discovery of Cybersecurity Careers and Multiple Pathways. This webinar will provide information regarding the Cybersecurity Career Ambassador opportunity, offer general guidance on the role and expectations, and answer questions.


Cybersecurity Career Pathway Resources
Cybersecurity Career Week Resources 
NICE Strategic Plan

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